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Why Homeland?

What is Panun Kashmir and what does it stand for?

Panun Kashmir is an expression of the innermost hopes and urges of the Kashmiris displaced from Kashmir valley, that were suppressed for centuries and lost in the nethermost corner of their subconscious. It is a natural and instinctive desire of the community to seek its roots, to preserve its identity and to assert its political, legal and historical nghts. It provides a nascent political rostrum to translate the idea and vision of an honourable and peaceful existence emanating from a sense of pride and a feeling of self- esteem which has been snatched from this community. 

Panun Kashmir is not just a party or an organization but a people's movement. It is the milky way dotted with the stars of the community who, having come out of eclipse, are ready to become the guiding stars. And as a first step, the community is pledged to behave as a united whole and not just as individuals; as masters of their destiny and not as second fiddles and yes-men; as reformers and not slaves to outlandish customs and rituals; as confedrates and not as plotters against each other; as respectors and appreciators of each others worth and not as critics and cynics. Any body who wants to join this galaxy is welcome and we say unto him, "Come to us when you start feeling the pangs for your land - your Kashmir, rather than for your house, property and job. And we will talk to you about Homeland". 

It is the awareness of your duty as much as of your rights for your homeland that is paramount and no sacrifice will be too great to salvage the honour, dignity and integrity of your community and country. Pious wishes alone will not give you the homeland, you have to be ready for action. Numbers should not daunt us. If we have the conviction of our ideals and aims, we will succeed. And we have to take the path of non-violence; we have to take the pen to fight the sword; we have to educate not only our own community and our country but the whole international community of our rights for the Homeland. 

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Panun Kashmir


Genesis (Why Homeland?)
The State of Jammu and Kashmir
The Hindus of the Valley
Advent of Islam and Persecution
Accession to India & Persecution
The real import of  'Naya Kashmir'
Administrative and State Conspiracy
Perseverance of Kashmiri Pandits
Indoctrination of the Masses
Writing on the wall
Rise of Armed terrorism
Sleeping conscience of the country
Adding salt to injury
What is Homeland?
What area do we claim for the Homeland and why?
Why a separate portion as Homeland when whole of the valley belongs to us?
What claim does the exiled community have for a Homeland?
What are the overall implictions of granting the Homeland?
What will be the socio-political set up in the Homeland?
How does call for a Homeland serve the national interest and prevent the balkanisation of the country ?
Are we internationalizing the Kashmir issue by raising a call for a Homeland for the displaced Kashmiris and by appealing to the community of nations?
What about settlement outside the valley in the State or outside the State of Jammu & Kashmir?
Is Homeland slogan in any way against the interests of the community?
What if the terrorist outfits operating in the Valley give a call asking the exiles to return to the valley?
Is Homeland a viable proposition?
What about the displaced Kashmiris settled outside the valley?
What about Article 370 and the Homeland?
Why is Homeland so urgent?
Is it a Hindu Homeland that we are seeking?
What is Panun Kashmir and what does it stand for?

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