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Why Homeland?

How does call for a Homeland serve the national interest and prevent the balkanisation of the country?

It is in the best interest of the country for us to fight for a Homeland. Infact, it will be anti-national for us to keep quiet about the loss of our territorial rights in the Valley of Kashmir and the loss of our homes and hearths, lands, estates and jobs. If we don't raise our voice against what has been snatched away from us; if we keep quiet about the valley of Kashmir which has been allowed to degenerate into a theocratic Islamic enclave inside the secular Indian Republic; if we shut our eyes to the existence of this Islamic State being defended and guarded on the frontiers by the Indian forces and being run by the writ of the militants under the laws of "Shariat" now being enacted in full vigour and gusto; we will have done the greatest dis-service to India for losing our Homeland to communalists. The Indian nation will never be forgiven for the total failure of its secular-democratic experiment in the testing ground of the valley. Even Jawaharlal Nehru, the greatest champion and architect of secularism, had his doubts about the success of this experiment when he wrote on 26th July, 1962 to Shri P.N.Bazaz, "the real problem in Kashmir is whether it continues as a secular State as the rest of India or not. This affects the whole India because secularism in India also has not got such a firm foundation as I would like it to have. Anything happening in Kashmir will undoubtedly affect the rest of India with its vast Muslim pupulatiun". 

Kashmir is integral to India as it has been a part of its geographical, political and cultural mainstream for centuries. It has its own geopolitical importance as it stands at the cross roads of various cultures and religious, political and geographical entities. It is the meeting ground between Central Asia, China, India, Pakistan, Nepal and Afghanistan. It has to serve as the bulwark against the pan-Islamic expansion from across Pakistan. Iran and Afghanistan - an Indian phalanx to counter the encroaching Islamic thrust from Central Asia, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan trying to cut across the Indian plains to join on the eastern front with Bangladesh, Myanmar, Malaysia, etc. It is the only way to prevent balkanization of the country by retaining as much area as possible in the valley under a secular and democratic hold of the country and allowing the committed secularists and nationalists to settle down in their own land. What we are seeking, therefore, is a full accession of at least this portion of the valley with the rest of India 

There is tremendous pressure on the Central and State Governments for the formation of smaller States in recognition of the urges and aspirations of the people, for preservation of their regional identities and for safeguarding their rights and interests. Negotiations are going on with people from Bodoland, Jharkhand, Gorkhaland etc. These people have not faced the persecution and communal discrimination, neither have they been the victims of murderous assaults by armed fundamentalist-terrorists, nor been forced into exile from their own home state. Yet the Central Government is prepared to discuss their demands and grant the same in some measure. The displaced Kashmiri Hindus are placed in a worse plight. They are not only threatened with denial, discrimination, suppression and persecution but are facing a total loss of their identity. They have been uprooted, brutally murdered and banished from their own soil. Their claim for their own land and for a full accession of this portion with the rest of India is most genuine and rightful. If the Government of India is ready to concede some form of autonomy to the State, which indirectly means conceding an Islamic State, it will be in the interest of the country to at least have a portion of the valley loyal to the country and which rightfully belongs to secular democratic Kashmiris, as their Homeland. It will be a free democratic secular island within or by the side of the Islamic valley, having an extension of the constitution of India in its full play. 

A Homeland for the seven hundred thousand displaced Kashmiris in the valley will be the only logical, natural and permanent solution for the displaced Kashmiris. Homeland is where home is and home is where land is and our land is in the valley of Kashmir. Our demand for a Homeland within the valley, from where we have been driven out by armed Islamic terrorists, is an assertion of our rights as much as of our patriotism for India. In order to save Kashmir from the clutches of Pakistan which has been instigating, encouraging and perpetuating terrorism in Kashmir, the Indian nation has to shed all inhibitions and unequivocally declare its resolve of resettling tbe displaced Kashmiri Hindus in the Homeland which will serve as a bastion of secularism and democracy in an otherwise Islamic State. 

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How does call for a Homeland serve the national interest and prevent the balkanisation of the country ?
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Is it a Hindu Homeland that we are seeking?
What is Panun Kashmir and what does it stand for?

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