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Why Homeland?

Is it a Hindu Homeland that we are seeking?

No, it is not a Hindu Homeland that we are seeking. We fully identify with tbe secular-democratic-pluralism of our country, so how can we ask for a Hindu homeland ? We are seeking a homeland for displaced Kashmiris who have faced suppression for centuries, who have been driven out by tyrants repeatedly in the course of history of monarchies and fiefdoms in the valley and who have been subjected to genocide of unparalleled magnitude in a free and democratic India. These people happen mostly to be Hindus. These were the people who staked themselves at the altar of secularism in Kashmir. They reaped the bitter fruits of being nationalists and secular. They are now unwelcome in their own land of which they are the original inhabitants. They will not be able to live in security, safety and dignity in the altered milieu in the valley which has now become completely Islamized and which has no place for other communities. If they are allowed to disperse and disintegrate it will be a total negation of the secular democratic ideals of India. Any attempt to deny them their rightful share in their place of habitation will have far reaching consequences for the rest of the country and will unleash uncontrollable forces of religious bigotry elsewhere in other States and may lead to exodus of minorities from there. So these displaced Kashmiris from the valley are seeking an honourable settlement in the valley and will welcome all those who contribute to the tenets of secularism, democracy and equality before law. We are not seeking a division of Kashmir into Muslim Kashmir and Hindu Kashmir because an Islamic Kashmir is already a fait accompli. What we are asking is our rightful share from it to convert it into a secular democratic homeland with full accession to India and without fetters of Article 370. 
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Genesis (Why Homeland?)
The State of Jammu and Kashmir
The Hindus of the Valley
Advent of Islam and Persecution
Accession to India & Persecution
The real import of  'Naya Kashmir'
Administrative and State Conspiracy
Perseverance of Kashmiri Pandits
Indoctrination of the Masses
Writing on the wall
Rise of Armed terrorism
Sleeping conscience of the country
Adding salt to injury
What is Homeland?
What area do we claim for the Homeland and why?
Why a separate portion as Homeland when whole of the valley belongs to us?
What claim does the exiled community have for a Homeland?
What are the overall implictions of granting the Homeland?
What will be the socio-political set up in the Homeland?
How does call for a Homeland serve the national interest and prevent the balkanisation of the country ?
Are we internationalizing the Kashmir issue by raising a call for a Homeland for the displaced Kashmiris and by appealing to the community of nations?
What about settlement outside the valley in the State or outside the State of Jammu & Kashmir?
Is Homeland slogan in any way against the interests of the community?
What if the terrorist outfits operating in the Valley give a call asking the exiles to return to the valley?
Is Homeland a viable proposition?
What about the displaced Kashmiris settled outside the valley?
What about Article 370 and the Homeland?
Why is Homeland so urgent?
Is it a Hindu Homeland that we are seeking?
What is Panun Kashmir and what does it stand for?

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