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Why Homeland?

Is Homeland slogan in any way against the interests of the community?

Infact, the community has never nurtured a political insight nor given vent to its political aspirations ever since it was subjected to persecution down the centuries of Muslim rule. It always lived on a fringe. It was always secondary and peripheral in any political, social and economic reconstruction, whenever there was one. The community only lesrnt to accumodate, acquiesce a just subsist. It always lived from day to day. Therefore, the vision of a Homeland is something difficult to believe and assimilate. 'Offer a feast to a hungry man and suddenly he loses appetite' . He would rather accept crumbs and bits and left-overs. The community has to break the shackles that have held it captive to the Muslim majority perceptions for centuries and break loose and think for itself. The vision of a Homeland may appear an impossible dream. But a dream is the first step away from unreal and a step towords reality. We have to shake ourselves from non- being into being and that is only possible when we stand for our rights and not wait for the mercy and pity of the Muslim majority. 

A Home1and is the minimum programme for the survival of the community. There are some amongst us who still delude themselves with the belief that normalcy is going to return to Kashmir and they are going to be able to live in honour and dignity and with equal rights and opportunities to life, and therefore, say that we should not offend the Muslims by asking for our due share in the form of a Homeland. But you can count them on fingers. Most of them are the yes-men or hand-maidens of power brokers and discredited politicians, others are in league with the terrorists and have become tools in their hands and provide them with a mask. We have a couple of thousand Hindus still living in the valley. Most of them are living in fear and under a seige and pay 'protection money'. They are forced to speak the militants' language. - Some of them have converted, if not in name but in practice, to Islam. Others have become spokesmen against the so-called excesses and atrocities by the security forces. All of them serve as show-boys of the terrorists, who often manage to project them in the media to plead that their movement is non-communal, yet in the same breath being votaries of a "Jehad" with the ultimate aim of throwing out India and running the State on the tenets of Holy Quran. They are, thus, already a part of the Islamic crusade. This handful of Hindus who are eking out their time in the valley, infact, are the Hindu pockets of acquiescence and not resistance against the communal frenzy that has engulfed the valley. 

The Kashmiri Hindus have to realize that every quarter is cashing on their disaster. The people in the valley are cashing on the presence of those few thousands whom they have deliberately nurtured to present a false image of communal harmony to the gullible world. The administrative machinery ruling us in exile is trading in our misery. The relief agencies are siphoning off the funds meant for relief and rehabilitation of the displaced people. They have bungled crores of rupees in league with the bankers and middlemen but managed to blame and discredit the beleagured community. Various political parties are deriving political mileage out of our misery. The traders, landlords and other businessmen in the host cities have a different price for their ware for the displaced people than for the locals. How long can we afford to be thus cheated from all quarters unless we have a place of our own, our HOMELAND? 

Our genuine demand for a Homeland does not hurt anybody 's intrests as we have no desire to encroach upon the legitimate rights of others. Infact, there are clear indications that the Muslim majority is irked by our capacity to bear silently the sufferings heaped upon us than by our waking up to our rights. The grant of a Homeland to displaced Kashmiris will be the greatest stumbling block to their design of enforcing their version of poitical and religious dispensation in the whole of the valley and spare this part of the valley from degenerating into a theocratic enclave. 

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Is Homeland slogan in any way against the interests of the community?
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Is Homeland a viable proposition?
What about the displaced Kashmiris settled outside the valley?
What about Article 370 and the Homeland?
Why is Homeland so urgent?
Is it a Hindu Homeland that we are seeking?
What is Panun Kashmir and what does it stand for?

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