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Why Homeland?

What about settlement outside the valley in the State or outside the State of Jammu & Kashmir?

There are some people who have proposed quasi- permanent settlement outside the valley. There is no doubt that the displaced Kashmiris from the valley are the state-subjects of whole of Jammu and Kashmir and therefore, free to choose any place in the State to live like free citizens with equal opportunities. However, the hard realities betray an inherent opposition from local populations to such a settlement in the major towns outside the valley and even in remote villages. There is already a population explosion in Jammu and we face anger and resentment even to our refugee status in Jammu and neighbouring places. There has been fierce opposition to settle the employed community in the jobs or to the provision of admissions in the educational institutions for our children. There have been negligible adjustments, transfers and promotions and hardly any new recruitments to jobs in the State Government. Now some bellicose groups have been agitating in Jammu for the ouster of the displaced community and for stoppage of all relief. It is nothing short of seeking the total ruin and death of the community. 

Attempts to rehabilitate this community in peripheral towns like Rajouri, Poonch, Kishtwar etc. would mean living again in insecurity and within the constraints of these outlying areas where the opportunities for growth and development of immigrants are meagre or non-existent. It is worth mcntioning here that those of our ancestors who fled the tyrannies of Muslim rulers hundreds of years ago and lived in the jungles of Kishtwar and neighbouring regions, have remained backward down the ages. The benefits of independenece that percolated into the farthest corners of the valley never reached these refugees of yore even remotely and they still continue to either till barren strips of land or take up petty jobs of domestic servants, bakers, cooks or orderlies. Freedom has yet to dawn and the loaves and fishes of democracy have yet to be distributed to these people who were driven out like us centuries ago. The forward looking displaced Kashmiris cannot now accept such a situation or status. Yes, we are guests in the Jammu province by our own right but we will have to seek all avenues of repatriation back to the valley into our Homeland. Accepting a quasi- permanent senttement outside the valley is tantamount to surrendering our rights in the valley. 

Quasi-permanent or permanent settlement outside the State is again an anachronism. If we are not welcome in a different region of our own State, how can we expect any other State to accomodate us. What with population problems and resource crunch everywhere and with regional and chauvinistic forces raising their head everywhere? It will be unwise to seek shelter and settlement in any other State. We will not be treated even as second class citizens. There is no doubt that India is a free country with a constitution which provides guarantees of life, work, property and freedom of expression and of religious faith everywhere and does not stop us from buying land and making a living and seeking a job anywhere. In individual capacity some of our displaced members have sought such settlement, in the process getting scattered and dispersed. That will be the beginning of the end for the community. It may give a few of us, more fortunately placed, a chance to exist as individuals but shall take away our last chance to remain as a viable, healthy and dynamic community which has the power to offer leadership to the country. If we want to survive both as individuals and as a community and preserve our centuries oId tradition and culture, we shall have to fight for our own share in the valley, otherwise we will incur the curse of our progeny.  

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