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Why Homeland?

What about Article 370 and the Homeland?

Article 370 by providing a special status to the State of Jammu and Kashmir goes against the very spirit of our constitution as it works against the unity in diversity which the constitution swears to provide and strengthen. Rather than bringing the State of Jammu and Kashmir nearer to the main stream of India it has widened the gulf and paved the way for secession as the Article has been used to bolster the argument of those elements who have always questioned the accession of the State to India and who refer to the existence of this Article as an argument in favour of the unsettled status of Jammu and Kashmir. The State has been defending, protecting, enhancing and glorifying the rights of the majority community at the cost of the minority, especially the minority in the valley. While in India the Constitution provides special guarantees and privileges to the minority, in the State the constitution has been contrived in favour of the majority. 

Once the homeland is granted to the displaced Kashmiris the continuance of the article and the special status in the remaining portion of the valley/State does not at all affect us, as we have accepted the Constitution of India in full - undiluted, unadulterated and unalloyed. The Homeland will be a Union Territory and will be governed by the provisions of Indian Constitution and Article 370 will not be applicable in this portion of Kashmir and will have no relevance. 

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Genesis (Why Homeland?)
The State of Jammu and Kashmir
The Hindus of the Valley
Advent of Islam and Persecution
Accession to India & Persecution
The real import of  'Naya Kashmir'
Administrative and State Conspiracy
Perseverance of Kashmiri Pandits
Indoctrination of the Masses
Writing on the wall
Rise of Armed terrorism
Sleeping conscience of the country
Adding salt to injury
What is Homeland?
What area do we claim for the Homeland and why?
Why a separate portion as Homeland when whole of the valley belongs to us?
What claim does the exiled community have for a Homeland?
What are the overall implictions of granting the Homeland?
What will be the socio-political set up in the Homeland?
How does call for a Homeland serve the national interest and prevent the balkanisation of the country ?
Are we internationalizing the Kashmir issue by raising a call for a Homeland for the displaced Kashmiris and by appealing to the community of nations?
What about settlement outside the valley in the State or outside the State of Jammu & Kashmir?
Is Homeland slogan in any way against the interests of the community?
What if the terrorist outfits operating in the Valley give a call asking the exiles to return to the valley?
Is Homeland a viable proposition?
What about the displaced Kashmiris settled outside the valley?
What about Article 370 and the Homeland?
Why is Homeland so urgent?
Is it a Hindu Homeland that we are seeking?
What is Panun Kashmir and what does it stand for?

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