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Why Homeland?

Are we internationalizing the Kashmir issue by raising a call for a Homeland for the displaced Kashmiris and by appealing to the community of nations?

Our appeal to the international community is to open their eyes to the human rights' violation and genocide against Hindus in Kashmir by Muslim fundamentalists turned terrorists. We are infact doing what the Government of India should have done to inform and educate the world through the media, through its embassies in other countries, through debates and through meetings with world leaders. There is so much disinformation being carried out against the Kashmiri Hindus. Considerable disinformation is also going on against the so called atrocities committed by the Indian security forces in dealing with the terrorists and their harbourers and so little is being said about the barbaric treatment coupled with brutalities against the Hindus of the valley who have been tortured, gunned down and exiled. It is our duty to create awareness in the world about the true nature of the movement in the valley - a movement which is essentially one of secession from India, a 'Jehad' (religious war) spearheaded by indoctrinated youth for the establishment of a Muslim theocratic State and not a war of independence. It is an Islamic Jehad, an anti Hindu, anti Indian crusade carried out by the terrorist outfits in the valley which number more than two hundred and compete to outbid each other in the pursuit of a common goal. 

We are trying to tell the world and the Human Rights Organisations, the United Nations and other such bodies which monitor human rights violations, that it is the Kashmiri Hindu against whom the religious war started and is now being fought to the finish. After having thrown him out of his natural habitat, the terrorists are now vandalizing, destroying and torching the property worth hundreds of crores left behind and appropriating his lands and estates. 

We also try to remind the Government of India of its flawed policies towards the State where it is still pampering the terrorists in order to win their hearts, where it is more worried about the living conditions of terrorist detenues in jails than those of the Kashmiri Hindu victims languishing in refugee camps.

We are appealing to free and peace loving communities of the world against the Pak-sponsored terrorism in the valley which has turned this heaven into a veritable hell and thus, only trying to strengthen the hands of the Government of India. 

When we give a call for a Homeland we are only reinforcing the Indian claim to Kashmir which has been the crown of India ever since Vedic times and the cradle of civilization of which we, the Hindus of Kashmir, are the true heirs, defenders and inheritors. We are the true guardians of this Indian outpost of secularism and democracy and we serve as a bulwark against the march of Pan- Islamic hegemony from across the Hindukush, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Central Asia and Iran. 

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The State of Jammu and Kashmir
The Hindus of the Valley
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Perseverance of Kashmiri Pandits
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Rise of Armed terrorism
Sleeping conscience of the country
Adding salt to injury
What is Homeland?
What area do we claim for the Homeland and why?
Why a separate portion as Homeland when whole of the valley belongs to us?
What claim does the exiled community have for a Homeland?
What are the overall implictions of granting the Homeland?
What will be the socio-political set up in the Homeland?
How does call for a Homeland serve the national interest and prevent the balkanisation of the country ?
Are we internationalizing the Kashmir issue by raising a call for a Homeland for the displaced Kashmiris and by appealing to the community of nations?
What about settlement outside the valley in the State or outside the State of Jammu & Kashmir?
Is Homeland slogan in any way against the interests of the community?
What if the terrorist outfits operating in the Valley give a call asking the exiles to return to the valley?
Is Homeland a viable proposition?
What about the displaced Kashmiris settled outside the valley?
What about Article 370 and the Homeland?
Why is Homeland so urgent?
Is it a Hindu Homeland that we are seeking?
What is Panun Kashmir and what does it stand for?

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