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1. The unilateral framing and acceptance of the Autonomy Report by the ruling National Conference Government, at a time when the internal security situation in the state of Jammu and Kashmir is getting out of control, sounds intriguing and alarming.  The context and the recommendations of the so-called Autonomy Committee indicate that the Report has nothing to do with administrative devolution of federal
powers or the recommendations of the Sarkaria Commission. 

2. The report has sinister motives.  By making Kashmiri Muslim sub-nationalism as the main plank for excluding Jammu and Kashmir from the constitutional organization of India, the National Conference has spelled out its real objectives. 

3. History is repeating itself; the then National Conference Government, led by Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah, used the pretext of cold war to coerce the Indian leadership to yield to his demand for an autonomous Muslim state of Kashmir. Subsequently, the inherent politics of National Conference pushed it to launch the movement for Plebiscite.  Instead of removing the alienation of people through good governance and participatory democracy and building the political campaign against secessionism, the present National Conference Government has not given up its legacy and political style.  It is using the escalated terrorist violence in the state to force Indian Political leadership  to dilute India’s sovereignty over Jammu and Kashmir. 

4. Why this sinister report now! By seeking to limit the accession of the state with India to only territory, devoid of any constitutional or secular integration, the NC’s Autonomy Report has outlined its endorsement of the two-nation principle and political separatism.  For a secular country like India where all people are equal, the seeking of autonomy on the basis of a Muslim majority of a part of India, is only reenactment of the two-nation theory.  The Autonomy Report essentially aims to strengthen the ideological basis of Muslim separatism in Jammu & Kashmir State. 

5. The import of the Autonomy Report and the NC’s legacy of practising the politics of “ethnic preferences and ethnic exclusion” are aimed at building the basis for an autonomous Muslim state on the territory of India with a section of Kashmiri Muslims belonging to a particular sect as its ruling class. 

6. The abettors of this communally motivated autonomy politics, in the Indian civil society, are trying to garner support for the dangerous game of autonomy by manipulating the national opinion through a section of English press, electronic media and political lobbying.  They are the essential elements in the grand international intrigue to undermine Indian sovereignty over Jammu and Kashmir. 

7. We reemphasize that the Report has nothing to do with the principles of healthy federalism.  The Autonomy Report, if accepted and implemented, will deepen the communal consciousness in the state leading ultimately to its  balkanisation and separation from India. 

8. The acceptance of the Report is bound to have a devastating effect on the morale and the resistance of the nationalist forces confronting Pak sponsored terrorism in the state.  It will eventually facilitate  international intrigue aimed at dismantling the strategic northern frontier of India.

9. With a deep commitment to defend the  integrity of India and secularism as the ideological foundation of Indian  Nation State , we reject the arbitrary and dangerous Autonomy Committee report framed by National Conference Government. 

10. It is imperative that the challenges to the sovereignty  and integrity of India be fought through a comprehensive political and military response. 

11. In this context we demand : 

     Political reorganization of the J&K state which envisages Union Territory for Ladakh region, separate state for Jammu, and creation of Panun Kashmir with a Union Territory status for 7 lakh internally displaced Kashmiri people. 

     A national consensus among the major national political parties to fight unitedly the politics of “religious sub-nationalism” feeding secessionism in Jammu and Kashmir state.  This consensus must reject unambiguously the concept of constitutional and territorial “buffers” as detrimental to the sovereignty of India. 

     A new unified command directly under the Governor for tackling on a comprehensive basis the internal subversion and terrorist violence in the state. 

          We take this opportunity to bring home to the nation that whatever has been perceived in Jammu and Kashmir state in the name of “Kashmir Policy” has left a trail of bitter ravages suffered by the Buddhist of Ladakh, Kashmiri Hindus and the Jammuites. 

          If this drift is allowed to persist the responsibility for escalation of threats to the sovereignty of India in J&K state will be squarely on the ruling national leadership of the country.  On our part we reaffirm our commitment to fight to the logical end the mischievous designs of subverting India’s sovereignty over Jammu and Kashmir and dividing the people of the state on the basis of religion through the `Greater Autonomy’ ploy. 

          On this occasion we declare launching of a `PEOPLES INITIATIVE ON PEACE AND UNITY’ to carry the debate on the issues of security threats and relationship of the state with India. 

          While ruling National Conference has scuttled all debate on the issue of Autonomy, this initiative will work tirelessly to educate people of country on the implications of autonomy as envisaged by the National Conference. 

 (T. Samphol
Ladakh Budhists’ Association
(Rajinder Jamwal)
Jammu Joint Students’ Federation
 (Dr.Ajay Chrungoo)
Panun Kashmir

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